Pirate Chickens

Sail the high seas on deck with a band of the notorious Pirate Chickens. But be careful. They are not as harmless as they seem. Become the top Pirate Chicken by collecting the most Loot cards and avoiding the Fowl Play cards. The player with the most loot wins.

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Arrr.. Arrgh... Rumors About Our Exploits

 – Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent – 

Pirate Chickens are ruthless… they kept our kids awake for hours… ransacked the house and life was never the same!!

E. W.

East of The Rockies

We made a big mistake in bringing Pirate Chickens into our house. The children stopped eating… all they could do was play with the chickens.

M. W.

Somewhere in Montana

DO NOT LET the chickens out in your car… YOU WILL REGRET IT!!  The kids refused to get out until Black Beak was captured and the loot was returned to the chest. 

M. T.

San Diego... Sometimes

You Will Be Sorry!

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52 Very Bad... Lil Cluckers

🏴‍☠️ CAUTION: ADOPT AT YOUR OWN RISK – Pirate Chickens may appear cute and harmless but have been known to have very bad behavior, including incessant squawking, early morning shrieking, pecking, scratching, clawing and more!! Anyone adopting or planning to adopt a pirate chicken must take extreme measures to protect themselves and loved one’s against these unpredictable fowl.

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